No More Falling + Full Moon Belly Blues Coming Right Up

"sun pluto opposition"I went to the doctor this evening. My knees were hurting (I took a tumble Friday evening) and I thought I was doing all the right things but it was hurting so much so… I just wasn’t satisfied with Dr. Google. I wanted x-rays. I wanted to be SEEN and told by a human in front of me: okay it is probably this, okay it will probably take this long to recover, okay okay okay okay. t’s been so long since I’ve had access to regular medical care.

On my way home, my taxi driver (who was super gracious by the way) was playing some music from his iPod and this one song just blew me away. It was cinematic. It made me think about my life, my age. And he also picked up another customer and dropped her off and she lived in an apartment complex that reminded me of my mother’s in South Miami so long ago and this song. It made me feel something.

The Sun is in Cancer. If your people, if any of your people (family, loved ones) are gone, they come back to you during Cancer Season. They float back up from the water, all misty eyed. They come back loud and clear, like a clapping wave. I don’t mind the reminders.

"uranus square sun"This morning I read another astrologer’s blog post about the next Full Moon in Capricorn and he gave a wicked forecast!

I haven’t looked at it in depth yet but you should know, yes, there is a Full Moon coming at 9 degrees (I will write in detail about it later) up to all kinds of hijinks with various other Cardinal including Mars and the Nodes. The Nodes show you where you are going and where you have been (are you afraid to look?) and a Mars-Full Moon-Pluto combo is… indigestion.

Wouldn’t that be grand? If that were the worst manifestation of this Full Moon? The belly blues? We can pray for this. We can hope for this. We can beg and SCREAM BLOODY MURDER for this. And we can plan for this. You may want to plan for this.

Now some of us, those of us, who already are Moon Pluto babies, you may wonder whether such stressful skies impact us less. I think there is some truth to that. At least you’ll hear reports of such. But I still suggest a “go bag” — all the requisite supplies for a Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto opposing Sun Mars in Cancer “go bag.” Survival supplies. Include chocolate.

"full moon in capricorn" I want, need to get well, really well. How do you get well when Uranus is square your Cancer stellium. And Pluto is opposing it. This shit (injuries, assault, accidents) happen out of the blue. This is probably the most violent year I’ve ever had (at least since REDACTED).

I asked him, my cabbie, who was singing, what song it was.

And now what? I really don’t know. Part of me feels like I’ve come to the end of something here. I don’t mean with my helping people, my clients, or with my blog but–

Are you feeling it too? On the verge? 

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