No Love Stagnation: New Moon In Pisces

I feel at peace when I’m in the bath.

We always had (and still have) plumbing problems here but then the awesome red-haired plumber fixed the tub a few months ago.

Hot water is a blessing. A functioning tub is a blessing.

I feel at peace when I’m in the bath and I recall times when I felt less at peace, in my early 20s, also taking baths, in another tub, in another town. Another time and place 🙂 I didn’t understand my mind then. I didn’t understand that there was nothing to fear.

This is Pisces Season. Neptune rules bodies of water, oceans, the bath, being swept away. Neptune rules the music I most love to listen to. Music that makes me feel.  Mighty real 🙂

Did you set your intentions for yesterday’s New Moon? I took some notes on the train, things to keep in mind for Pisces Season in general and the New Moon in particular, questions/thoughts I wanted to share with you:

-In what ways do you hold yourself back? How to bring it to conscious awareness?
-Can you give without limit but without sacrificing your Self or Sanity
-Do not calculate your love. NO LOVE STAGNATION!

The New Moon was conjunct Neptune and Chiron and I was definitely feeling the healing here. Healing of old wounds. Finally.

And how this also has to do with your natal Neptune. THOSE wounds. Neptune rules obligation. Neptune rules sacrifice. The squares to your Neptune and the easy trines which make you leap into oblivion so you don’t have to stop and take a look with clear eyes…

-Making room for limitlessness, allowing space, stopping. Stopping in the midst of your life to…  stop!
-Letting there be someone in your life that you love without limit and maybe that someone is *you*

So I thought to myself: I will strive to love my husband without limit. Not that I won’t nag him about this that or the other but there is a higher love, Neptunian, that exists in and around and through the quotidian human moment.

Catch Neptune fever. Where do you hold back? Where can you let go? Pisces Season. If you understand this blog post then you are pretty much already there!

Pisces Season has come to dissipate your limitation and take you to a new world, a magic one, which is actually right here right now but… you must participate in your life to activate this! Make sense? GET OUT OF YOUR 12th HOUSE HELLOOOOOOO IN THERE……

Do you know that feeling when… something or someone is right before your eyes — we call it reality — and yet it seems/feels… like you can’t quite grasp it? You try to understand it. You can’t believe your good luck. You just have to accept, allow it. Allow its tastiness into your life. Believe you deserve good things and not just crap. This is how Neptune Season, Pisces Season, feels to me. What God’s face feels like.

And that’s the story this Saturday evening 🙂

Love, MP


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