No Guilt: Jupiter In Cancer

I had so many thoughts yesterday.

Actually more feelings than thoughts about what I wanted to blog about today.

I’ve been looking forward to Jupiter entering Cancerย (on June 25th) but only recently started THINKING about Jupiter in Cancer and what that means on a… spiritual level. This is not a problem. Cancer feels first and thinks later.

So I gather all my post-its from yesterday and there’s the proof. They don’t say all that much that I can use… but this one here, this one is good.

First Rule of Happiness: do not feel guilty for being happy.ย 

Cancer is the guilt-trip sign ๐Ÿ˜‰ but don’t let Jupiter (big) in Cancer be the big guilty — you feeling it or making others feel it.

I believe this is pervasive and mostly unconscious. That we accept the icky hand we’re dealt (out of habit much of the time) instead of pushing against that feeling of “everyone gets it, but me.”

Cancer also rules self-pity. Or is it Pisces? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tell me if you’ve experienced this because I have — that there are people around you who do not want you to be happy. There are people who DO want you to be happy. And then there are the neutrals! But many of us in the lower vibrations, often of our South Nodes, keep drawing in people and experiences that replay over and over… what we don’t want. We have to get so wise and so strong and… let nothing stop us. These “stoppers” are reflections of our own… fears and guilt.

And this leads me to my next thought. Cancer needs Capricorn. No matter what sign we are discussing, we must always keep in mind the opposite sign, the axis, for the full picture of what we need and who we are.

So Cancer can feel (or say): FUCK YOU this bullshit existence is not good enough I want MORE. I want what I WANT. Not what you (insert annoying person place or thing here) WANT but what I want. And Capricorn (Saturn) pushes Cancer to do MORE than just feel.

MoonPluto’s First Rule of Happiness repeated: Do not feel guilty for being happy, for going after what you want, for leaving behind those people, places and things who do not want you to be happy.

And if you can’t tell the difference, then Jupiter in Cancer — BIG FEELINGS, BIG INSTINCTS — will show you the way.

Please don’t stay miserable. Please don’t stay stuck. Fight. Fighting is a way different energy than…. escapism or staying in situations that are bad for you. It’s the third term. And if the word “Fight” doesn’t resonate with you, then choose a different word.

That’s all for now, my friends. More later today!

Love, MP


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