Nina Simone Is Also The Antidote For Your Post-Eclipse Blues

"Sun in Cancer"
Nina Simone

Want to hear something incredible? Click here. Nina Simone, like Aretha, is also my choice for post-eclipse listening. Why? Because the Sun is in Cancer and, hell, Nina was a Pisces with a Capricorn Moon (according to which fits nicely with the current sky and mood, don’t you think? When in doubt, listen to the great singers. They can feel it for you, especially if you are feeling too much or not at all.

Today I had to make peace with my body. I tweeted that eclipses seem to make me busy, but also lack of sleep is adding to the strain. Ever feel too tired to cry? That was today. Not easy for a Cancer Sun, to miss a good cry 😉

Where were you today? What did you do? Where did you go? Who did you talk to? I was everywhere except where I wanted to be: home. But now I’m back.

Planetary round-up: The Sun Saturn square is exact so watch out for your own crabbiness or the crabbiness of others. It will pass.

To lighten the mood: Moon and Mercury conjunct in Leo applying in sextile to Mars in Gemini and trining Uranus in Aries. Sounds like an ELO concert, doesn’t it?

For those who are working over the 4th of July weekend, Mars trining Saturn makes hard work feel easier than usual.

Venus will leave Gemini soon and head into Cancer and the Grand Cross. Maybe you should avoid your lover when Venus opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Could be a power struggle or rabid display of jealousy from one or both. On the other hoof, the sex may be superhot.

Your big friend Jupiter is still in early Taurus which will bother Leo but soothe Cancer. Hmm. Can’t win ’em all Leo, although you’d like to 😉

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