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I started a column here called Planetary Round-Up,The Stars Today but I am feeling a bit more mellow at the moment and seeking a more mellow title 🙂 Even a Round-Up feels extreme to me, with its images of rodeos and yee-haws.

Nevertheless, the show must go on, especially with Sun and Venus in Leo, the sign which rules the theatre. And speaking of Leo, our friend Mercury has retrograded back into Leo and is in opposition to Neptune which has headed back to Aquarius.

Answer me this: do you feel confused? I do. A bit. Confused, sleepy, wandering the earth like Cain, with or without a mark on his forehead.

Now when I think about Mercury in opposition to Neptune I get a very strong image. I get gears turning backwards, like a clock or a watch and I see the glyphs on opposite ends of the wheel. I probably get this very literal image due to so much time over the years looking at charts and I realize it would be a fun experiment to see if I could manufacture another image.

First thing I get are children’s toys, wind-up toys. A big wind-up rabbit and… a wind-up Alice (in Wonderland). I see the toys slowing down which says to me that this is a time to go slowly and make no sudden moves or decisions. That whatever you do or decide now, you will have to revise, which is of course very Mercury Retrograde.Do you see the toys too? Spinning slowly backwards? What do you see? Close your eyes….

So what does one during a time like this? Live life as you normally would but when… crossroads show up? Big decisions? Big reveals? WAIT. Take your time because the universe is taking HER time.And keep up with your meditation practice. Slow down IN the body.

Mercury is your mind. Neptune is your… dream, your ideal, your sacrifice.

Study question: who are you serving (Neptune) and why? Does it reflect who you are (Sun in Leo: who you are/identity). Think (Mercury) about it. Even if the answer is only available in dream or late at night, long after you’ve watched the entire first season of thirtysomething because it reminded you of a simpler world, when yuppies were yuppies and felt guilty for being happy. But I digress

Some other aspects today, Moon-wise include: The Moon is in happy bouncy Sagittarius. Sagittarius wants your good news and is less comfortable with your tears. They tend to move on to the next thing when too much emotion is pouring out.  This doesn’t go for all Sadges; depends what else they have in their chart. Just know that they can turn “it” off and let you wallow on your own. Come back to them when you have a smile. (Do I sound cynical?). Not saying they won’t be there for you, because they will. Sadge has a heart of gold. Just… remember that fire is fire. It’s oooh hot but can burn. So look on the bright side today. That’s what the Moon wants from you!

Moon sextile Saturn brings us parental support, literally or symbolically. Be steady (Saturn/Capricorn) for yourself and for others.

Moon trine Venus unites our often divided selves, the mother within and the girl within. Both sides reach agreement with ease. Sagittarius and Leo are the signs so watch for showy smiling women who will make you laugh and feel light. Big teeth. Really big teeth 😉

Moon trine Sun unites our masculine and feminine sides, again a parental theme. Maybe peace on the homefront for you. If you need to have that talk with Dad, go ahead. He’s listening.

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