News Of The Moon: The Future

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Happy Birthday Maria McKee!

The Moon is in the early degrees of Aries right now, New York City time, so of course we have, or we’ll get, a conjunction to Uranus, a square to Pluto, a square to Mars, and an opposition to Saturn. Huh. Interesting. Makes me think about the kids born during these moments, their jacked up warrior moon in hard aspect to all that stuff, especially to sensitive withholding Mars in Cancer. AND with a Leo Sun! 

Were you into astrology when your kids were born? I don’t have children but if I did? I’d be nervous, yet unable to NOT look at the chart. And then I’d probably try like hell to forget what I’d learned so that I wouldn’t get nervous again. Hindsight may be 20/20 but there’s such a thing as a self-fulfilling prophecy. What do you think?

I have a pal with  a mild interest in astrology. She told me she looked up the sun signs when both her boys were born and was happy to know that her little Aquarius would probably do fine in daycare. And her youngest, a Gemini Sun with Venus in Cancer: how will he do? I’ve heard stories about how gentle and sensitive he is. Doesn’t want to fight over toys and will give his up if someone else is being demanding. Hmm.

Having to leave my mother and go to school? Oh man that was a tough one. I still remember that day. It’s hard for me to imagine being the type of person who wouldn’t mind, who would go bravely! And yet I know they exist.

Generally speaking, when the Moon is in Aries, you may have more energy or enthusiasm. You may start projects. You may run a marathon. You may take over the world 😉 You may feel very Me-Me-Me. Aries rules the head, so keep your wits about you, keep your brains in there 🙂

And although the Aries Moon won’t be pulling any punches, the Moon is our fastest mover so if you feel stressed because of all the challenging aspects, take heart that the Moon will move to steady Taurus soon enough and around we go.

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