News From The Tarot Clinic Plus THE SKY THE SKY THE SKY

"jupiter trine uranus" I just gave my students in the TAROT CLINIC the most amazing assignment. Well, I think it’s amazing… 🙂

Yesterday I transcribed a mentoring talk I had with Tarot author/master Rachel Pollack about the Celtic Cross. And today I talked more about Yoav Ben-Dov’s Open Reading and I tasked them with creating a brand new Tarot spread, using a traditional Tarot deck and embodying principles of BOTH.

This is tricky because at first glance these two methods of reading Tarot are quite different.

And I realized that all my classes wind up being classes in opening up creativity…

Think about it: how do you create something structured and yet open and free? How do you make room for Saturn AND Neptune? What would that look like? What kind of poem?

I am excited to see what my little kittens put together 🙂 And the truth is.. the Open Reading is more a way of “interpreting” the cards. I believe it is possible and will be super fun to create, perhaps, a spread of STRUCTURE but then read in an OPEN way. That’s just one option.


Listen, anyone who reads here knows I’ve gone mostly private. And you can Subscribe to the blog easy. Just click on the link for info. However I’ll still be posting once or twice a week for all to read if they want to read 🙂

We have so much going on in THE SKY the rest of the September and the beginning of October it’s just…
Well, here is a short list… 

Sun enters Libra
-Pluto goes Direct
-Jupiter inconjunct Chiron
-Jupiter trine Uranus
-Mercury enters Scorpio (Mercury is currently in its shadow)
-Sun inconjunct neptune
-Venus enters Libra
-Venus inconjunct Neptune
Sun square Pluto
-Mars square Chiron
-Mercury goes RX
-Mars trine Uranus (and Jupiter)

What do think? Mercury Retrograde beckoning us to redo/renew/review. Pluto issues moving forward into LESS POWER STRUGGLE WITH OTHERS THANK GOD. And a Grand Trine in Fire? BRING IT! We need to be lit up.

I know people are annoyed we have to deal with more Libra. We all have Mars in Libra PTSD 😉 but I’m feeling this retrograde actually has answers. But you have to pay attention 🙂

Have you had any breakthroughs lately? Or feeling like you will? 

Love, MP

OCTOBER CLASS IS FILLING UP. Because I want a small class! If you want in, then please email me asap. October 1st – October 14th.

As usual, we’ll be in a “secret group” on Facebook, kibbitzing and freaking out about the stars 😉

Tarot for all PLUS how the OCTOBER ECLIPSES WILL AFFECT YOU (individual chart work!).

Sliding scale: $85 – $125.

My latest post from Beliefnet: more about the Open Reading