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"new moon in libra 2011"
do you believe in magic?

You guys know I hate it when I don’t have time to blog!

The New Moon in Libra Mini-Moon readings have been a success (I think) and others have written for longer readings as well: all good! I’ve got new ideas for other stuff I want to offer as well as thinking about the next Special 15 Minute Reading that I want to do.

I do have some drafts saved in my phone so next chance I get? I’m posting! All this Libra action is in my 2nd House. (Well, actually, very close to the cusp so I am reading it for 1st/7th and 2nd/8th.)

And last night my power cord blew so I had no computer access and today and tomorrow am catching up. I still hope to go to my meditation class tonight 🙂 Gonna cleanse my chakras for y’all and I mean that with all sincerity!

Some astrology? Saturn is squaring my Mercury: communication delays to be expected = lots of work (Saturn) and not enough (Saturn) time (Saturn!).  No complaints though: Saturn squaring Cancer won’t allow it!

How is everyone doing? Happy Libra Stellium! Happy Libra New Moon!

And thanks to everyone who took part in the Mini-Moon readings. It’s been fun to *meet* new people and charts and do what I love to do. And yes the special is still going on although there may be a 24-hour turnaround time. 

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