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"saturn in scorpio"I got on my soapbox tonight in MoonPlutoLand. I couldn’t help myself. It happens sometimes.

Ending the class with a bang. Posting a lot and I starting thinking about Jupiter in Gemini, how the class was like Jupiter in Gemini, lots of threads, long threads, a little of this, a lot of that, here, there and everywhere, information. Scattered.

And then of course remembering that Saturn enters Scorpio in October and how these two energies will inconjunct and how interesting that will be for all the plans and projects you are working on. It’s itchy, the inconjunct. Saturn in Scorpio wanting to draw one pistol in one direction, aim, fire. And then there’s Jupiter in Gemini yukking it up 😉

And then imagining, thinking ahead, to Jupiter in Cancer (next year) and how the inconjunct will become a trine. Are you hearing me? All you water signs? Jupiter is going to bless you and protect you (after the Gemini phase) so you are going to have that shelter PLUS the Saturn structure. Interesting, right?

How did this conversation get started? Someone in the room mentioning offhand wanting to feel more connected to the cycles. And you know what I told these amazing people in this room? I told them: back to basics. Screw the minor aspects and the fixed stars and the rainbow sprinkles and the chocolate sprinkles. FOCUS ON THE ICE CREAM 🙂

What is air. What is fire. What is earth. What is water. Focus on the Sun and Moon. Sun is in Virgo now. What the hell is Virgo. Venus just entered Leo. What the hell is Leo. Go deep. GO IN. Penetrate this shit. Saturn is leaving balance-bar Libra for deep-shit Scorpio. Prepare NOW.

And if the usual keywords bore you? Then do your research. Discover new ones.  Jupiter in Gemini is fizz and buzz and (can be) lack of focus but Saturn in Scorpio slaps you into shape. Sun in Virgo Sun in Virgo wherefore art though Sun in Virgo?

You want to connect to the heavens? Where’s the Sun in Virgo in your chart? What is going on there? Because I guarantee you that SOMETHING is.

And I mean no disrespect to the minor aspects and the fixed stars. Hey, I dig that stuff. But I want to go deep into Virgo during Virgo Season. I want to sit on my meditation cushion (i.e. my ass) and KNOW Virgo. Get into the mind of Virgo Essence. That’s how you live the cycle, feel the cycle, feel the season.

In my humble opinion. For the moment 😉

Lecture over.

All my love, MP 

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