News From MoonPlutoLand: And They’re Off!

Claustrophobia. The desire to flee.

Then an even stronger desire to stop sitting and WRITE THINGS DOWN for fear that I’ll forget them later.

That’s what happens at first when I sit down to meditate but it’s also this Aquarius/Gemini sky that we’re under. Restless sky. Perfect for witnessing how the mind works.

Running the meditation class means that I’m doing the practices too. I’m not sitting on high offering my two cents without getting down into it. My discipline has been lousy lately and the place where I used to sit has gone through some hard changes. I haven’t been there lately.

So the class is also for me. And it’s not about enlightenment although Week Two will focus more on spiritual approaches. Until then I am trying to coax us back into our bodies. Find solid ground again. (I’m thinking I may do a short meditation course like this each month if there is interest.)

Tonight I’m going to ask the gals: what do you notice when you sit?

I notice how busy my mind is. I want a glass of water. I want to write that down. I’m afraid I’ll forget that. Let me blow my nose.

So we notice. We try not to get caught. And these days we return, over and over, to the breath.

I am loving the restless sky today despite the unstoppable inner chatter. This is what I posted on my Facebook page:

Enjoy this day!

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Gemini, Mercury and Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Gemini, Uranus in Aries: the bright ideas don’t stop coming today. You feeling this too? The mind IS the matter today. Write it all down before you forget although no doubt another idea will follow soon after. 

I don’t feel frantic from this weather but I will keep caffeine to a minimum! Enjoy it. It’s not always this easy. 

Wednesday we have a LONG void of course moon before the moon enters Cancer. Fire on all cylinders today because tomorrow the acuity may not dull but it will slow a bit and at 10pm (big city time) the Moon enters mushy, defensive Cancer…

The present moment is fast and light and fun 🙂

How are you feeling? 

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