"venus trine pluto" Truth is, I am really excited about this experiment — about putting the majority of my blog posts under wraps, making them a private paid space. Affordable. (The archives will still be free.)

I am excited about how this experiment will affect my writing and I am looking forward to writing MORE.

And don’t worry! You haven’t missed the boat yet. I have not announced pricing or location yet. I am trying to figure what is best for me and the blog.

I have a good buddy who is good at tech stuff looking at WordPress plug-ins for me… but I may create a Tumblr (a blog) password protected. That way the entire blog is private– not just individual posts. It won’t be complicated. That’s what I’m trying to avoid with this — complications. You’ll still have the same easy access to my writing.

Until I get that set up? Everything will remain here.

Here is the blog post with the original announcement – about joining my harem 😉

I don’t want to write about the weekend yet. I have to get back to Tarot class. So consider this just a tiny geshmak preview — because it’s a REALLY interesting weekend.

First of all, Mars enters Sagittarius on Saturday the 13th and I think of ONE thing when I think of Mars in Sag this time around — how it will TRINE Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. This is wonderful news for everyone, but especially for the FIRE people among us.

(YOU WILL EXPERIENCE A DRAMATIC INCREASE IN ENERGY like a horse galloping galloping galloping ACROSS YOUR SAGITTARIUS HOUSE ACROSS THE BOARD. Jupiter rules my 4th House (my Sag House). For predictive purposes I will check transits to my natal Jupiter as well as check what transiting Jupiter in Leo will do to my natal chart.)

Grand Trines are magic, luck, speed-of-light expressions of the element involved. Think of the ACES from the Tarot deck. WHOOSH! Or the Wands suit. WHOOSH WHOOSH!! That pure phallic energy of possibility and celebration. Courage and Confidence. THE BIG DICK OF YOUR LIFE BIG DICK ENERGY — and I don’t mean to be crass! I am talking about the elemental power of YOU CAN’T FAIL::::FULL SPEED AHEAD. And it’s Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus = could we get anymore YANG? Would we want to? 😉 YOU WILL EXPERIENCE MORE HAPPINESS and freedom and dancing fireworks WHILE MARS IS IN SAGITTARIUS but especially at the mid-degrees and, again, particularly in reference to your FIRE houses — Sag/Leo/Aries.

Your homework of course (oh man I will be giving even MORE homework once we go private!) is to find the fire houses in your chart — and the twist here is that I want you to look for the subtle story, not the most obvious one. Look for the big dick and the small dick lol. 

I remember during the fire class I was looking at the details and I don’t think it’s EVER exact. I have to check, but from what I recall it doesn’t complete an exact Grand Trine but it gets CLOSE and I’ll take it!!! Someone remind me to do this or do your own research here and put it in the comments.

Mars in Sagittarius likes it big. That’s my anecdotal here 😉 I was dating a Scorpio once. Gee, could i even call it dating? LMAO. It was years ago. A Kung Fu Master. Scorpio with a wide mouth and Mars in Sag and I went for an astrology reading to check the synastry of course and my gal told me that Mars in Sag likes ’em big. Likes big girls. ZAFTIG. Or, at least, doesn’t mind 😉 I don’t remember what I weighed at the time but I found that detail reassuring. That this Mars in Sag Scorpio Sun would be ready willing and able for my Botero 😉 (Hmm I recall as well another Mars in Sag who also liked my body and I do remember I was quite a bit heavier then hmm this was years ago…)

The relationship didn’t last. I think we had a handful of um dates and then he disappeared, into the night…

Sagittarius has a reputation for coming and going (literally and metaphorically) and I can vouch for this. Many of them have a hard time sitting still. It’s not PERSONAL — although it will personally affect you if you are one of those personal types who hates being left behind as your Sag runs off once again.

If you have a Sag in your life, you must accept this. Just as you must accept that a Libra will be sweet as pie and tough as nails.

There are other aspects of note this weekend but I will blog about those probably on Friday.

A question that’s been on my mind and perfect for Mars enter Sagittarius:


Love, MP

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