News From MoonPluto Land (The Goddesses)

"new moon in virgo"I got inspired yet again from someone in the class.

She was talking about her Ceres Jupiter Juno conjunction (all retrograde) in her 3rd House in Pisces. And that’s nice isn’t it? The “happy couple” conjunct? 😉

I started riffing on how there must be something special or interesting about the way she learns (3rd House) and pondering what conjunctions of different asteroids could mean.

And then I realized (my aha moment!) that the Goddesses, that Juno, Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas are simply different facets of the feminine soul (whether we are male or female). Same for the Moon and Venus.

Moon showing what we need to feel secure, and Venus showing what excites us, and Juno showing our fidelity and truth, and Pallas showing our wise mind, and Vesta showing our devotion and personal ritual, and Ceres showing our wandering, our travel, in search of self (in the body of the daughter, Persephone).

So the question (which I posed earlier) isn’t WHICH Goddess are you because you are all of them.

Love, MP

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