News From MoonPluto Land (Again!)

"new moon in virgo"Saturn in Libra is exiting my 2nd House soon and I’m still trying to figure out my rates. The 2nd House is a money house.

I had figured it all out and sent my changes to the guy who helps me with the technical stuff and realized that it’s not done yet. I don’t have it right yet. More work (Saturn) is needed!

And I think, partly, what I’m going to do instead is work on, alter, restructure (more Saturn keywords!) the way I do readings and keep most of the rates the same. Does that make sense?

So the Mini-Moons are still going to be $35. One change though is that the Mini-Tarot definitely will also be $35 (it has been $25).

Synastry readings will cost more. And I’m going to start offering an Asteroid Goddess Reading in the 30-mintue format… and I’m still working through the details (obviously) but I do know that the total restructuring that I was planning, well, it’s just NOT done yet.

Thanks for your patience as I figure this stuff out! And of course if all this confuses you, just email me and I’ll let you know the scoop 🙂

Love, MP


Two things going on. The first is a drop-in (virtual) class that I’m holding mid-month focusing on Creativity, Your 5th House and North Node. Your Life As A Work Of Art. Two week class. It will be a small class and probably pretty intense. Email for details. $100. Maybe room for one or two more. 

The second thing is a Private Forum/Message Board that I’m starting. This is not a class. I won’t be in teacher mode (or will try NOT to be). A safe space to talk about all things astrology, tarot, healing, magic, relationships, empowerment, LIFE! The new age 🙂 Sliding scale, month to month. $20-25. All of this is experimental. We try it and see how it goes 🙂