New Year’s Resolution? Pick One!

"full moon in cancer 2012"
moon in aries on new year's day!

I have my first New Year’s Resolution (and I keep wanting to call these New Year’s ReVolutions) and it’s a simple one but challenging for me to implement. To get back to my daily meditation practice.

Now, I do have a *weekly* class, and meditation and mindfullness *is* built into my day, but my resolution is to return to my home practice of meditation and prayer, daily. Can be as little as 5 minutes. I know it will grow. But even 5 minutes, three minutes, 2 minutes, to get in touch with what is larger than my Virgo Moon Worry Mind. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing a daily practice is. It’s truly building from the ground up. Very Sun in Capricorn.

And NOW is the time to do this… before Mars goes retrograde and Saturn goes retrograde. A good time to get new habits going…

Some other news: Yes, I will be doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Cancer all this week (the Full Moon is Sunday) and remember that Full Moons are NOT usually thought of as the Seed-Time but the News-Time. Results. Culminations. Follow that logic if you want but lately I feel the need to Set Intentions ANY damn time.


What is an intention? It’s a thought a directed thought, you become a magician, and these thoughts become most powerful when accompanied by a physical action: that’s what ritual IS.

Other news: please know I’ve raised rates a bit for 2012. (Gotta pay my taxes 🙂 (No more increases for a while and I will vote Obama, thank you very much.)

But let’s talk a little about The Stars Today…

Our New Year Moon is an Aries Moon. How does this Moon fit in your chart? Do you feel Aries today? The Warrior Moon? Fast, hard, go, go, go!

I think this is a fine Moon for setting intentions… although you may forget them as soon as you’ve made them 😉 The Aries Moon doesn’t always hold on, but keeps moving along, like fire.

Still, inspiration and enthusiasm are today’s keywords. Creativity, too. I’m all up on this idea of creating your life lately. Participating in your life. Aries Moon is good for this too. Initiative! Cardinal! Dynamic! Motorcycles! Motorcycles? Yes! My ex-boyfriend Cancer Sun has an Aries Moon (and Mars) and a motorcycle or two. They just need to get away sometimes and preferably on something fast.

The Aries Moon is trining Mercury in Sagittarius which tells me this truly is a good day to get out and about. Positive energy beaming down from the skies. Wanderlust.

Our Venus sextiles this fire stuff so maybe you’ll meet someone along your travels. Do your hair all nice, okay?


The Capricorn Sun and Virgo Mars bring it all home, earth energy rooting us amidst the shaky fire.

So do you have at least one resolution yet? This is your life, ya know. May as well consider it. Consider it NOT done yet.



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