The High Side of Venus in the 12th

Yes, this is about my own Venus placement, but it might be yours too: Venus in House 12, in Leo, t-squared by Neptune and Saturn, sextiled by Jupiter, and… why do I always mention that detail last? The Jupiter Venus sextile. As if this sextile, the closest aspect in my chart by degree, is somehow invalidated by the crush, the crunch of a fixed sign square. It was my old astrology teacher who told me that an exact Venus Jupiter guarantees that you will get what you want. Or maybe he was just trying to make me feel better 🙂

So. The positive expression of difficult aspects. Yes, the positive exists and is as real as the pain.  See, you know what Venus in House 12 is? It’s not *just* secret love affairs, and forbidden love affairs, and cheating on your husband with the gardener, and the prison of a love nature who cannot see the forest for the bars on the window.  Lovely Venus in the 12th House, no matter the sign, is love letters, is secret notes, little pet names, the pictures you send, everything that is between the two of you, private. Understood. A tone of voice, a laugh, a gesture: the shit that turns you, and you alone, on. All this is no doubt par for the course for you and you and you, you who have your Venus anywhere else, but is crucial expression for 12th Housers.  Yes it’s a private club, but trust me you don’t want to be on the guest list. Or maybe you do, as my boyfriend keeps reasurring me that the 12th house, Vedically speaking, has much to do with being good at sex. I’m paraphrasing.

All this is but one way to redeem a planet from the 12th House and 12th House planets do indeed need redeeming, redemption: by finding the high side, the higher vibration, the positive expression, the way out, the way *in.* And you can’t necessarily find the answer(s) by thinking. No, little Virgo, that would be wrong. The answer comes because you are living it, not sitting at home with your Crunch n’ Munch and your Virgo Moon, watching Rescue Me on Netflix.  You don’t disown these 12th house planets, and let them wander the lonely halls alone. You take them out. Exodus. Not by changing their nature but by… well… I don’t have all the answers yet.

I do know this though: that fate brings love into our lives, and then we have to choose what to do with the love, and that’s where the work, yes the work, and the magic meet.

Note to self: write about the work of love

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