New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, May 9th

Sun, Moon, Mars, Pallas Athena, the South Node, Venus… that’s our Taurus stellium on Eclipse day. That’s a lot of life there.

Venus is farther out, at 29 degrees and enters Gemini this day.

The North Node in Scorpio opposes (shakes you out of) Taurean placidity, rigidity and comfort zones. North Node in Scorpio promises to solder away your rough edges and defenses, whatever makes you feel safe. Scorpio sticks a knife in there every damn time, sometimes with a purpose. Sometimes out of habit. If we follow the Nodal logic though, we know we must head North anyway, to that house, that sign, that energy, that metamorphosis evolution.

It’s a paradox. A NEW Moon (something NEW, major new start) and an eclipse (changes, possible endings) conjunct the South Node (what we already know how to do, what we leave behind). How does this work? Answer: Mastery is still needed. The South Node is familiar, habitual, a talent we have, innate ability, but it’s wild, too wild. My South Node is in Virgo. You think I don’t worry TOO MUCH? I worry too much.

So we have to revision and redo (Saturn is retrograde!) our relationship to the transiting South Node as well as our own natal South Node. Because it’s unfinished, we’re unfinished.

If none of this makes sense so far, think of it this way. Well, first find the house where these Taurus planets are transiting. 19 degrees is the New Moon. You aren’t done with that narrative, the story of that house. Whatever it is. Maybe you thought it was done. Maybe you thought it was old news, old hat, maybe you were sick of it, but it actually never went away. It’s in process. Continuation. After all these years. But now you have to do it better, do it FOR REAL (Taurus) and the Universe is on your side here, assisting you by giving you a NEW Moon here.

So do find the house in your chart where you have 19 degrees Taurus. Start there. Let yourself brainstorm, free associate. Find that answer and if you find that answer you’ll be able to solidly move forward to the North Node. Does this make sense?

Love, MP


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