New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer: How Are You Feeling?

"New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer"
famous Cancerian

I swear, yesterday I felt the eclipse energy passing through me. Like a train. And I was on the train at the time. It reminded me of a Tenebrae service that I went to years ago and if you are familiar with this service then you know it gets real noisy at one point, and when that happened, I felt a spirit, or spirits rush past me. Don’t know what “they” were, just that… the church was alive. And sometimes I wondered if it was just the energy raised by all the people in the room, feeling and praying and not a spirit at all. Or, is that what spirit is.

When the eclipse energy passed through me, I was on my way to the city at the time, writing a letter to my boyfriend and listening to the same song on my iPod, over and over, for 35 minutes. I wanted to keep the mood going. I was raising energy too.

I got off the train and I heard from him even before I sent the email and the mood broke and all was well but I needed to be in that place, confined, for a little while to work it through. This is what churches are for, what trains are for, what eclipses are for: to contain your energy. And when you emerge? You are new.

The energy of the Grand Cross and the eclipse may make you feel confined. Look to the Cancer house in your chart that’s being filled in now and remember what Cancer is about: hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Nurturing, mothering, birthing, protecting.

Do you have an eclipse story? How are you feeling? 

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