New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2011 (Part Two)

"Your Moon Sign"
Will you open the door?

The Moon is a trap. It’s not just how you feel. It’s also what you need to leave. Because the Moon is your Mum and we all need to leave home. Or we stay womby forever, attached by the roots to the source of our life, instead of to the source of ALL life.

I write from a spiritual perspective, a quasai-religious perspective. My early years were Orthodox and I always went to religious school (except for a year and half). My family stopped being devout, but we had the holidays and the culture. Although I hated school and hated childhood, everything about it, I returned to the religion of my birth in my 20s. For a time 🙂

In your chart, the Rising Sign (among other things) has to do with your childhood: what was expected of you, how you were treated. The Moon was/is your reaction. In many ways, we need new reactions, new ways of coping. The Moon IS how we cope. I have Moon and Pluto conjunct in Virgo. I worry. I obsess. I pick. 

Now, I’m not saying to throw away your Moon, but to add to it. Adjust it. Should it be louder? Softer? What does it need? What will make it happy?  What are the aspects? The sign? The house? All of this will show your Moon’s path. And, most of all, look to the opposite sign for insight.

But the Moon isn’t just a trap; it’s a trapdoor. A secret passageway for you to open, walk through. Where does it lead? Can you picture it? Yourself, a small child, in those little clothes of childhood. Homemade? Hand-me-downs? Big funny buttons and weird socks.

And behind the trap door is the “other” side of your Moon, the ideal, the ideal mother, the ideal childhood, just the good stuff, the eternal unconditional love stuff, what we all, I think, look for, still. That’s what’s on the other side. At least, that’s what I saw, when I opened the door.

Try it and tell us what you find in honor of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, the sign of nurturing, coming to a sky near you.

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