New Moon In Virgo September 15th!

" new moon in virgo"Unbroken. Noble. Honest. BLAMELESS. Purity. Untouched.

I strive for this in the hours before the New Moon in Virgo. Sins washed away. They weren’t really sins. Call it… bad vibes. Accumulated uncut cords. And the outer shell, the klipah. Pluck it off. I picture it as many tiny shells. Not just one. Barnacles. You are barnacled. Covered in this stuff. It’s not yours but still, at times, you need to strip, empty, clear away the shmutz. You can call it chakra-clearing. You can call it whatever you want.

Pristine, perfect, unmapped: these are more synonyms for the virgin. Pure, innocent. Intact. That’s the New Moon in Virgo. You: new.

The New Moon will be sitting with the Sun, of course, (the Sun is YOU) and Mercury (your mind). She’ll square Jupiter (all the ways you’re growing) on her way. She’ll sextile the transiting Node, the point in your chart where you are blessed at this time. Be yourself there. In that sextile.

And here’s a Virgo question to ask yourself around this New Moon: how can you, how will you, be of service? To whom? To what? And why? And if your service goes unappreciated, then what?

Set your intentions.


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