New Moon In Virgo On The Way

"new moon in virgo"
Keith Richards: Virgo Moon/Sagittarius Sun

The weather dude on the radio just mentioned the New Moon making things worse for this “perfect storm,” Hurricane Irene. We all know about the moon and tides but rarely do we (I) think of it so literally and how it affects us. Still, I smiled at astrology on the radio!

I’ve got work today and this morning I just bought my supplies: water, canned food, cat food, litter, toilet paper 🙂 Who knows? Could be nothing or I could be stuck. There’s a big big tree in my backyard. There are big big trees in the front yard. Ugh.

Our Mass Transit is suspending service “system wide.” This has only ever happened on 9/11 and during the Christmas season Subway Strike (which I was here for).

So, if I have power, I’ll likely be blogging and finishing up email readings. I’ll also respond to comments later today 🙂

As for the stars…. Enjoy your Mercury Rx but be advised, the trickster still has to get to the very beginning of Virgo before he’s out of his shadow. Moon? End of Cancer, still sensitive, still emotional. So eat something! Leo’s up next. Sun and Venus? Virgo, yup! Mars is but one degree past Saturn, the square still in effect. Give yourself time to get it all worked out.  Jupiter? In lovely Taurus, trine Venus (Venus at 4, Jupiter at 10). The outer planets hold steady, Pluto in Capricorn trining Virgo and Taurus. Do you feel more steady? More solid?

I’ve got to head out now but please grab your coffee and a donut. Or your lo-carb, sugar free option 🙂 Gluten-free too! Whatever it is, go get it! The New Moon is on the way. Get your chart and find your Virgo house and tell us in the comments where you’ll be cleaning, pruning, harvesting, processing, analyzing!

And Contact Me to talk about your chart (after Hurricane Irene 🙂

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