New Moon In Virgo: Harvest Your Harvest

So quiet. You can hear a pin drop. Not even that. Peace. The challah is out of the oven. The brisket is IN the over. And gefilte fish (salmon) on the stove.

I am not Orthodox. In fact, I haven’t done anything for the High Holidays in… years.

But this year, with my boyfriend here, I thought it would be fun. For him, for me. And healing. All the feelings from all the years. I even lit candles. The challah is cooling. And yes we dipped apples in honey for a sweet new year . It’s real Norman Rockwell over here. Norman… Rothberg? 😉


So the Moon is already in Virgo. Sign of the insightful critique, the clean house, the meadow and the maiden. The maven too. Virgo Knows All. Sign of the HARVEST. What we have. The fruit of our labor. Food. What we have grown. What we have become.

Who did you become over the summer? What’s different now?


Do you set New Moon intentions? I asked my boyfriend this as he sat in the kitchen with me, reading a book. Yes, he said. Yes.

This one, at 13 degrees Virgo, is conjunct my Ascendent. Me. My 1st House. What others see. And what I see *out of* i.e. the lens, the filter, the fish eye, the portal!

We dream the world up (says Howard Sasportas) according to our Ascendent sign. It’s how we approach the world, especially that which is new to us. Whether we approach it with courage or caution or something in between.


When I was preparing for the Jupiter and Saturn class, I fell in love with Stephen Arroyo’s Jupiter book and he makes an interesting distinction between Jupiter ways of learning (vision! distance! higher mind! Divine mind!) vs Mercury ways of learning (Virgo, Gemini): which sees what is right in front of its face and not much farther 😉 I don’t mean to put down Mercury at all. See, we need both. And we need both even MORE this New Moon in Virgo.

What is right in front of you that you have been ignoring or avoiding? Seriously people, you don’t have to ignore it anymore. And maybe you shouldn’t. The New Moon is a second chance. Pluto goes direct later this month (future blog post!) and if you think that doesn’t matter for you in very concrete ways, think again!

Virgo: the details! New Moon: new start or starting over. And even though it’s Virgo (the very important and not petty at all little things) we are dealing with here, contained within that sweet Virgo candy dish is the BIGGER reason you are HERE and gathering up all those details, buttons, odds and ends, chazarei, note cards. And yes you will be step-by-stepping over the finish line. Or, at least, a little closer to your intent, your ambition, your dream.

Got moon mind?

Love, MP


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