New Moon In Taurus: Peace Of Mind

"new moon in taurus"

Cyberspace is a weird place. Why do I say this? I say this because it always surprises me when people get mad at blogs. It’s like watching a movie and getting mad at the screen.

Taurus is known for being slow to boil but then once they do? Watch out! I know a few people with Mars Jupiter conjunct in Taurus who have tirelessly worked on mastering this aspect because Mars Jupiter is the big happy but Mars Jupiter is also the big rage. And what do you do with all that rage? You have to do something with all that rage. Or envy. Or desire.

But back to my original point: Whether they are getting mad at my blog or someone else’s. I mean, who cares? I would understand if I were your friend or your husband, but I’m not. I’m a stranger doing my thing just as you are doing your thing, whatever it is.

Getting mad at blogs feels, to me, misplaced anger. Where does it really belong? At who? At what? And why? What frustration?

Rhetorical questions πŸ™‚

When something really pisses you off and it’s got *nothing* to do with you i.e. you are not in a relationship with that person, then take that energy and give it some thought. Or, better yet, create something. Create your own tower of form.

Anyway, just a little rant πŸ™‚

What I really wanted to mention is the New Moon in Taurus today and I opened up my favorite oracle, Isabel Hickey πŸ™‚ and in her writing about the 2nd House, which is associated with Taurus, she mentions “peace of mind.”

That the 2nd House is more than a money house or a value house and all the details that go along with that. But peace of mind. Meditate on that for a moment. Recall what lives in your 2nd House and whether peace of mind is easy or hard for you to manage. Mediate on whether you even give a fuck about peace of mind. I do.

Mercury is not happy with Mars today in the sky but don’t let that annoy you either πŸ˜‰ The planets don’t care. They are also doing their thing. Cultivate, like a Taurus, peace of mind.

And one more thought for Taurus: the less you own, the less you covet, the more you empty out, the less this material world will piss on you. That is one Taurus story. There are others.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Taurus. I have Taurus in my life. Multiple Taurus. Deeply loyal people. But they have this pain and are so deeply deeply attached to this pain. They posses it as they posses their favorite whatevers. The more Taurus shares, the more Taurus becomes the jewel that she is supposed to be – Venus. Taurus benefits from sharing this pain! Even with the Universe — share it!

Taurus learns from Scorpio how to cut. Taurus learns from Aquarius to care less. Taurus learns from Leo to… heh I was going to say something here and then changed my mind. This is a particularly difficult square I think but Taurus learns from Leo to give (Leo is generous) without flinching, to give without taking back.


Are you setting New Moon intentions? Do you get angry at the screen? Cultivate Peace of Mind, starting today…


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