New Moon In Taurus: How Much Is Enough?

"six of pentacles"
(photo by Aliza from my collection of Tarot decks)
"new moon in taurus"
(photo by Aliza, from my tarot deck collection)
"new moon in taurus"
(photo by Aliza from my Tarot deck collection)

The Six of Pentacles is one of THOSE cards.

Are you the giver or the receiver? The beggar or the richie rich? How much do you need? Do you allow yourself to receive? Are your hands open? Do you look down on others?

We see three pentacles on the left. One pentacle under the roman numeral four. Two pentacles on the right. Underneath those two the rich man holds the scales. He is measuring out, presumably, how much to give, how much to share.

Who are you in this image?

He can’t even touch the beggar. He lets the coins/crumbs fall from his fingertips. Another kneeling man waits with open palms.

It’s an awful way to feel. That kind of need. The supplication. To be on your knees, whether or not you asked for help. The scale is cold. The more I look at this card this afternoon, the less I like it BUT we must remember this is just ONE version of this card.

When I see this card today, I think about how to stand up and not be a beggar. Do they even get what they need? It doesn’t look like much.

Feeling of powerlessness. Is it necessary? I think that’s the key. STAND UP. When you see this card, STAND UP. Dust yourself off. Even if you need help, doesn’t mean you’re a beggar. In part what it means is… well it can mean different things. In part it means that someone actually NEEDS to give to you. Just sometimes the circumstances suck. Graciously accept the gift and then stand up.

Perfect for the New Moon in Taurus – because Taurus is concerned with having and keeping, possessing. Taurus puts a tag on your ear.

I was reading Barbara Moore who has some wonderful thoughts on this card — and the card image in her Tarot of the Hidden Realm is rather different that the RWS.

Moore says about this card: PLENTY TO GO AROUND which, from some of the Taurus I’ve known is… not how they feel. I’ve seem them feel NOT ENOUGH and thus act accordingly, saving/hoarding behavior that puts Cancers to shame 😉

Do you feel you can share? Have enough to share? Enough health, wealth, resources? Or are you stockpiling? Why? These issues also arise here.

And then from a Google search I found Tarot of Trees which showed gleeful squirrels taking Pentacles from the Pentacle tree. Not receiving but TAKING. BIG DIFFERENCE.

This card, for me, needs a little razzle dazzle shakeup. Yes I drew it today, as one of my Mars in Gemini cards (thanks Miss K for the idea!) and sure I may get the help I need (which is no small thing) but I’d like to have a little pride and grace, similar to the price and grace I was talking about in the blog post I posted earlier today.

Trees produce fruit. They just do. You’ll get yours. There’s enough. So in that sense we CAN see this card as reassurance. You won’t go hungry. And it’s interesting to me as I peruse Google to see the cards which show the power relationship (beggar/richie) versus those which show the tree, nature.

So you can think of that man as the tree. His arm as the branch. And this: don’t wait. It’s okay to ask. Others may refuse. But it’s okay to ask. You may reach for that fruit and find it’s wormy or otherwise spoiled like some charitable gifts.

This is a good card to see when you need a leg up, when you need a saucer of milk, when you need your basic needs met, which  must be met before you can Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten it.