New Moon In Taurus Feeds You + The Scary Stars Next Week!

"new moon in taurus" I was just quoting astrologer Charles Carter on my Facebook Timeline — some words from him about Venus Neptune, the inharmonious aspects.
We are under a Venus Neptune TRINE (harmonious) today.

“In some respects these (the inharmonious aspects) seem to lead to more definite results than the trine and sextile, for they bestow a divine discontent, and a constant restless seeking for an ideal which is not easily realizable on earth.”

So the question becomes (one of the questions becomes) do these hard aspects lead to satisfaction or just more frustration?

He does say “DEFINITE RESULTS” and I can’t quote the entire article here and those of you with the square already know… how difficult your love life has been at times (or still is) and how careful you need to be with others — but we also know there is more than one way to screw up a love life 😉 we can’t just blame Venus Neptune aspects!

"venus trine neptune"
Photo by me, from Tarot of the Hidden Realm

I will tell you this:
I have spent much of my life seeking
(The Other. North Node in my 7th) and then I found myself.
I know it sounds awfully corny but it’s true!!!!!!!

New Moon in Taurus tomorrow:
New Moon in BEAUTIFUL.
New Moon in EMPRESS.
New Moon in what you HAVE. What do you have?
What do you want? What do you want more of?
New Moon in Forest, New Moon in Earth, New Moon in Tree, New Moon at Home, New Moon Feeds You.

The Taurus that I have known are… patient, the MOST patient. No matter how much Aries they have in their chart (and they often do), they will listen to you. They will hear you. They will feed you. They talk to plants. They save plants. They hear plants. Their voices are sweet.

Just talked to a client who is starting not just a new job but… an adventure 🙂 The Fool card + graduation + new job + the spring Eclipses across her 2nd/8th axis. I predict good things for this girl and the cards were spot-on. Love when that happens. New Moon in the 10th House in Taurus: PLANTING.

"new moon in taurus" IN OTHER NEWS:

We have an intense week ahead:

Mercury goes retro on Monday.
Thursday is nuts with Sun into Gemini and Venus opposing Pluto AND the Moon in Cancer aspecting both Uranus and Pluto. Expect the unexpected. Expect a tear or two. Dramarama.
Sun opposes grim Saturn on Friday (boo!). I am giving you a caution here.

As usual these days, the mid-degree Cardinal signs got their hands full.

You want sweet news? Let’s draw a card. I feel lucky 😉

I drew the Tower.
So I drew again.
Cuz I wasn’t feeling a BAD vibe per se.
What’s this BREAKTHROUGH about, dear Tarot?
Seven of Cups.

Trying to find the words here. Okay. I think you finally get the message. You get the news. The delay is over. But the message speaks SEVEN OF CUPS. It’s not all clear. Just the first layer/level.  The wait is over but a different kind of wait is in store for you. And I’m getting another image and it’s weird. It’s of an egg cracking. And I see you smiling. What is this egg? Do you know? Your smile is huge. Looking at the options in the Seven of Cups reminds me of someone counting their money but it’s not their money yet and they don’t know how much is there but the dream is of riches and sailboats and…

The egg cracking. The Tower. The wait is over. So you know a little bit more but not the whole story yet. That’s to come.

I’ll be curious if this resonates for you…


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