New Moon in Scorpio 2011

new moon in scorpio 2011
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So our next New Moon is on October 26th, in the sign of SCORPIO, 3 degrees.

After a Full Moon, the Moon is waning, growing smaller, thus a New Moon is a time of darkness. Emptiness. There is room. There is space. Room for what? Space for what? For you. For something new. What do you want? It’s a time of potential. Dreams. New beginnings. Rebirth and (here’s a Scorpio keyword) resurrection. You are back from the dead, once again.

What do you do on a New Moon? You set intentions, you make wishes that you want to come true.  The New Moon is good for planting, literally, so apply this image to your own life. What do you want to plant? What do you want to grow? New Moons are for BEGINNING.

So on New Moon day, the Sun is conjunct the Moon, Mercury will be at 19 Scorpio, Venus will be at 21 Scorpio, Mars will be at 21 Leo, Jupiter at 5 Taurus (rx), Saturn at 21 Libra, Uranus at 1 Aries (rx), Neptune at 28 Aquarius (rx), and Pluto at 5 Capricorn.

Now what do YOU notice about these numbers?

I’ll tell you the first thing that I notice is ALLLLLLL that Scorpio energy filling up the sky and your life. You must find the house(s) that is being activated. That’s where the focus will be. Deep focus. Penetrating. You can discover shit now! Secret shit! That’s been kept from you or that you’ve kept from yourself! Just don’t get too attached. I mean, you will get attached but… notice it. Be mindful. Observe yourself. Mercury and Venus will be conjunct just like the Sun and Moon. A double-wedding. Double Scorpio bliss 😉

The second thing I notice is the Mars square to the Sun and Moon. Leo vs. Scorpio is the battle between light and dark, between ego and submission. I’m not saying Leo is bad and Scorpio is good, just that… these are two stubborn energies who want the stage. Leo wants the public and Scorpio wants it with YOU only, captive audience. You may feel torn between these two needs in yourself. Not a big deal. Just notice it. That you can’t do it ALL. You can’t be in two places at once, unless they clone you, and that would be weird.

The third thing I notice is the Jupiter opposition to the Sun and Moon, making everything big, despite the retrograde motion. I see this energy as helpful, as lightening the heavy mood which I don’t even see as that heavy. Just… serious. If you have a heavy chart, you’ll feel at home. Heavy water, heavy earth. You’ll feel in your element because you are used to THIS. You’ll feel supported even if your feet feel like lead 😉

Then I notice the Pluto sextile to the New Moon (and Sun). More support for Scorpio. I’m in love with this aspect. This sextile is such a simpatico boost to Scorpio that I feel it supercedes sextile status and becomes trine-like. You won’t need to work hard to access this energy. Just open up. This is a positive-power energy. The changes you need to make won’t feel so hard. You’ll know you can get there. Jupiter Retrograde trines Pluto too.  It’s like… a benevolent leader is now in charge and the benevolent leader is you. In charge of your own life.  Any emotion (Moon) that you feel you can be used productively (Capricorn). Same goes for your ego (Sun).

Another detail to look at: Uranus will inconjunct the Sun and New Moon. Moon inconjunct Uranus can cause erratic emotions, instability, rebellious behavior not always with a cause, but I see it as a good upset for this New Moon, an unbuttoning of some of that serious face Scorpio. Let Aries add some freedom to the fixed water stew 🙂

What do you see, feel, up ahead?

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