New Moon in Sagittarius, December 13th

"new moon in sagittarius"I do believe in the power of New Moons to direct our focus, whether or not we “set intentions” or wish upon a star, so to speak, although I do that too at times, and started keeping track of my intentions in a little journal. Using Post-Its. I love my Post-Its 🙂

And what you do is find that New Moon (by degree) in your natal chart and this will give you some ideas about what is happening and what could happen in your life in the coming weeks. Where the potent energy is. New starts or end points or both. Powerful even if not an Eclipse and often predictive or, at the very least, a mirror you may or may not want to gaze into. Don’t be afraid.

On December 13th, Uranus in Aries stations direct (and I’ll address that in a separate blog post) AND we have a New Moon in Sagittarius at 21 degrees. Double fire. The New Moon is the seed, the dark time of the lunar cycle, conception, and what I love about Sagittarius is the way they tell you, the way they *know* that everything will be okay. Sagittarius is the sign of prophesy and Jupiter, they say, “expands what it touches.”

So consider this your New Moon blessing: where you have 21 degrees Sagittarius in your chart is where you will be more than okay. 

Check your aspects to know more. Or schedule a reading with me 🙂

Love, MP



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