New Moon In Pisces! February 21st

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The New Moon on February 21st falls at 2 degrees Pisces and yes, my friends, please find early Pisces in your chart.

On this day of course, the New Moon will conjunct the Sun but ALSO conjunct Neptune. In Pisces. Triple Pisces! Imagine the babies born this day :0

Jupiter will be at 5 Taurus, sexiling the Pisces crowd, shoring it up, stabilizing it, which Pisces needs.

What do you think about all this? It’s soft right? Soft but ground beneath your feet thanks to earthy Taurus. Makes me feel like lying in the grass, looking up at the clouds. The meeting of heaven and earth. As above, so below.

This New Moon favors spiritual activity, compassionate service, healing of self and others, swimming, walkabouts, barhopping, and love sweet love!


Remember that on Valentine’s day we have Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune and then the weekend brings us the Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune and then just a few days later the New Moon. It’s a Neptune-a-thon! 

What will you do with all this water? What do you want to do? Pay attention to how you feel this week and next and of course don’t forget to visit your chart and the houses that will show what areas of life will be affected.

How will you feel? Could be mystical. Could be confusing. You could feel at one with The All That Is. Or you could be deceived and need to look again.

Neptune can’t promise you answers but Neptune energy does support the seeker and the search. And, yes, Kim Kardashian has her natal Moon in Pisces.

Where is early Pisces in your chart? 


Yes I will be doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Pisces. Email me for info and schedule at moonpluto@gmail

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