New Moon In Libra: October 15th

"new moon in libra"The upcoming New Moon in Libra will be a sweet one. No cranky aspects to it.

And it will trine retrograde Jupiter in Gemini so something or someone from the past may show up again. Something or someone you wouldn’t mind focusing on. I don’t want to say it’s an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend but New Moon in LIBRA HELLOOOOOOOOO. Libra rules marriage.

I love it when astrologers talk about people from the past showing up. Sounds so mysterious. A tall dark stranger from the year 1825….

(Do you believe in past lives?)

All time machine talk aside, retrogrades are review and re-do times. You know this. Revision. Revise. Renew. Rethink. And if you know where mid to late Libra (or Gemini) is in your natal chart, then you’ll know, perhaps, what to expect!

But what about the New Moon? 22 degrees. Time to set an intention. And what that means is… you use your Wise Mind to desire and then to imagine, and you can even give it words or do a ritual, something physical because… an intention without a ritual is like… spaghetti without meatballs (vegetarian meatballs and gluten free pasta are totally fine).

Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus attracts. She’s not Mars. She doesn’t pound the pavement and beat people up (unless she’s Venus in Aries ;)). She sits. She waits. She grooms. She receives her gentlemen (or lady) caller 😉 With her magic she captures her desire.

Well? What’s your magic? What’s your desire? Where’s your Libra house? How will you get what you want? Do you know what you want? 



The Mini-Moons are still back!  Info about Readings is here. 

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