New Moon In Libra, October 15th

"new moon in libra"The weather is beautiful in the Big City as I type this. Not hot. Not cold. Just right.

And it’s New Moon Eve. Is there such a thing?

In my tradition, holidays start the evening before so I always have this in mind. It’s a perfect time to meditate on what’s happening in your Libra house and where the New Moon will fall in your chart. Do it again even if you’ve already been focusing on this all week. We only get one chance at this particular New Moon in Libra.

It’s the dark time of the moon cycle and fitting to do your ritual by candlelight perhaps and…

Oh. I just realized. Yesterday I wrote one intention down on a big post-it and sealed it and taped it where I could see it and it says “Do Not Open Until Full Moon” and already I had felt the energy shifting, and already I had felt that Saturn had taken over and given me clarity but no–

That wasn’t the end of the story. My Saturn moment was, actually, the illusion. What I wrote, what I wished for, on my post-it, has already manifested.

Okay, I wrote about two things. One of them has manifested and has manifested because I not only set the intention but DID something about it. That’s what magic is. 

And maybe it’s foolish of me to take any credit at all. It’s fate. It’s God. It’s not up to me.  And maybe that’s the overriding New Moon intention, the best one of all. To know this. That free will doesn’t exist.

Or does it? Discuss!



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