New Moon In Leo: August 6th

I already wrote a New Moon in Leo post. You can catch up HERE. But let me remind you: tomorrow! New Moon in Leo! 14 degrees! Sun and Moon trine Uranus!

Now, trines are “easy,” that’s what we’re taught, that’s what we know i.e. an easy flow of energy, no blips or bleeps or burps. Not like the tense square or the angry opposition. But a trine between our feelings (Moon) and wacky wild expect-the-unexpected Uranus?? Hmmmmmmm.

Do what you feel is best BUT with Uranus here backing up to the Moon? Setting intentions becomes a little… different. Be prepared for a switch-a-roo. Something or someone out of left field. Sudden. Electric. Different. Out of the blue. THINGS ARE CHANGING DON’T THINK THEY AREN’T CHANGING BECAUSE THEY ARE AND WE CANNOT PREDICT IT ALL.

Yes, I am yelling.


Today I got my hair done. Had to cover the grey and the gal, the owner of the shop (a Libra!) was talking about some changes her mom, a Cancer, is going through. I was happy to give her the good news about Jupiter in Cancer and how her mom will benefit (her mom having the same birthday as me). Give someone some good news tomorrow. Or maybe you will get the good news. I have a feeling the New Moon and the growing Jupiter Pluto opposition (which I’ll write about tomorrow) are what your life is about right now. Am I right?


Love, MP


Lots going on so just email me if you have questions. Goddess Asteroid class starting tomorrow (Vesta, Ceres, Pallas, Juno); new chat room hopefully starting this month AND Mini-Readings for the New Moon and the Jupiter Pluto opposition. ALSO I’m revamping my rates/readings. Discontinuing 30  minute readings for the moment. Hour-long readings are what I’m focusing on (besides the minis). And my 4 for 3 is ongoing. Buy 3 hour-long readings and get 4 to use anytime (email or phone).

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