New Moon In Gemini June 8th, 2013: Preservation

I had all kinds of thoughts today while I was on the subway. Thoughts about Venus. Was reading Stephen Arroyo. And I came up with some questions for you guys to think about:

Are you afraid to get what you want? To ask the Universe for what you want? 

And I was on the phone with a friend today who reminded me that next week Mercury and Venus in Cancer will create a Grand Trine in water with  Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune  in Pisces.

Grand Trines can feel good but they do not guarantee manifestation. Still, the early degrees of the water signs are worth highlighting in your natal (or progressed chart) and YOU tell US if “anything” happens. Or how it/you feel. We’re all in this together (and there I go again listening to the same song over and over. Right now it’s Alicia Keys’ “One Thing.”)


A gal in the chat room reminded me we have a New Moon coming. I got so obsessed with the Eclipses.

Keep your eye on 18 degrees Gemini. June 8th. Neptune stations retrograde the day before, June 7th. Feels like going back in time. Going home. Unfinished business but not in a bad way. Feels like old dreams. Resurrection but it’s different than Pluto-type rebirthing. Expect new dreams, more dreams, remembering your dreams, wild ones, dreams coming true, Venus dreams.

Today on Facebook I was writing about how… we never talk about the wildness of the 12th House. Neptune (associated with the 12th) rules chaos. I’m not saying Neptune retrograde will plunge you into misty mountaintops of chaos BUT the dreamlike quality of your life will likely increase. Whether you consider this a problem is… up to you.


On New Moon day:

Sun/New Moon in Gemini. Mars at 5 degrees Gemini. Mercury and Venus in Cancer. Jupiter at 25 degrees Gemini. Both Saturn and Neptune at 5 degrees, both retrograde. Watch these FIVES my friends. Not my favorite number in the Tarot. Unstable. Argy bargy. So there is… Grand Trine energy + water energy + STRIVING and desire. Loads of desire.

Pluto at 10 degrees Capricorn (retrograde) and Uranus at 11 degrees Aries (direct) and yes this square is still active HOWEVER I think you’ve changed course, the situation has changed. All on its own.

Overall I like New Moons although they are the DARK TIME. They hold potential but may make us nervous because…we just don’t know yet. Setting intentions, little goals, is a good ritual to stabilize your fear of the dark.

Consider Jupiter to be conjunct the Sun and Moon: dazzling big emotions, big joy potential, and all of us swimming in the Grand Water Trine. I just got an image of a huge sea and we were all floating along, happily. Life preservers for all.

I wouldn’t worry about Gemini overload although distraction is a given. And stories will be told. I would not be surprised if my blog posts get more and more random in the coming days 🙂

We’ll talk more about this New Moon as we get closer.

Love, MP


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