New Moon In Gemini: June 19th

"uranus square pluto"

When we talk about the New Moon, we usually talk about it being “quiet” and “dark,” the dark moon, the crescent, conjunct the Sun, nothing born yet, we pray we wish we hope we dream we dare to dream, we set intentions, make secret plans.

But what if the New Moon is in Gemini?

How quiet and dark is Gemini? How mysterious? Not that mysterious.


Thus, my prediction:

I predict this New Moon in Gemini will be BOLD, hot on the heels of eclipse season, possibly ushering in your first fruits from the tree of “What The Fuck Did The Eclipse Do To My Life.”


In other words, manifestation of what the eclipses STARTED.

Tell me if I’m right, okay? Don’t forget!Β 

Love, MP

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And YES I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Gemini!

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