New Moon In Gemini: Confuse Your Unhappiness

"new moon in gemini"

Happiness is a practice, like meditation. You commit to it each day.

Or every other day πŸ˜‰

For example, lately I’ve been waking up sad. There have been some changes in my life, some empties, and I work to adjust my mood so that I don’t stay there.

Like a light. I have to flip the switch. And at first it feels terribly unnatural which tells me it’s an old habit. See, the conditions of your life can change totally but you may still wake up the same: feeling something is missing.


Today at the gym, someone said to me: muscles have memory.

To which I add here:Β You can teach yourself to lift more weight and/orΒ to bear more happiness πŸ™‚


Is your chart happy? Where would *you* look? 5th House? A well aspected Sun and/or Moon because the Sun is YOU and the Moon is your feelings?

Maybe you’d check out the condition of your Jupiter or your Rising Sign or look for Saturn squatting on your potentials.

Saturn rules my 5th House. I’m not so smiley. In fact I probably smile more on this blog than anywhere else. πŸ™‚

Another example: I went to a baseball game yesterday and I did NOT do The Wave.

I intently study the game, seek to understand, receive inspiration. I am moved by the grace of the physical world and competition and I was happy to be with my pal, eating overpriced ballpark food including Carvel served up in a 50th Anniversary plastic Mets cup.

It was a lovely day. The Sun was trining my Jupiter and sextiing my Venus.


So. Something to think about. If happiness to you feels impossible, remember that it is possible to do something different.

Pema Chodron suggest this. Get out of the old habit.

Just like working out. Confuse the muscles, is the wisdom these days, and I think it’s the same with our moods.

You don’t work your body by working your lower back every day. You work different muscles, different muscle groups.

Confuse your unhappiness or your disappointment or your sense of defeat or sorrow. How strong are your sorrow muscles? Too strong? Play a trick on it. Take it to the ballgame. Surprise it. Shock the system. Do one thing today and a different thing tomorrow.


The New Moon in Gemini is at 28 degrees and happens around 11 a.m. Big City time on the 19th and of course the Moon will slide into Cancer right after so you may feel extra sensitive or want to stay close to home despite your New Moon intentions to do something different πŸ™‚

Mercury will still be in Cancer, Venus still in Gemini, still retrograde! Mars in Virgo (where he’s been for the last 100 years so it seems!), Jupiter at a lovely 1 degree Gemini πŸ™‚ Saturn still retrograde at 22. Neptune retrograde as well (I keep forgetting this!) at 3 and Uranus square Pluto at 8 degrees.

This is not a harsh sky, in my humble metaphysician’s opinion, Uranus square Pluto aside. Mercury in Cancer kills you softly with his song, but otherwise? Mega-Gemini with a helping of Nearly Everything Else Retrograde.

Life is moving backwards now. Don’t fight it. But find your balance. And be prepared for it to shift ONCE AGAIN.


Love, MP

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