New Moon In Cancer! New Home, New Baby

Yes, the New Moon in Cancer may be overshadowed by the good news of Saturn going direct, as well as an unpleasant Venus Chiron aspect HOWEVER if you are a mid-degree Cancer baby, smile smile smile because this one is for you 🙂

By the way, Venus Chiron to me feels like you aren’t quite sure how to take care of yourself so you wind up taking care of others instead of taking care of yourself thus depleting your precious resource i.e. YOU.

I am searching for my own New Moon intentions. 11th House for me. A hope? A dream? A goal? Widening my network/net. It’s a question mark for me and I was just doing a New Moon reading for someone just now and reminding her that New Moons are ideas of ideas of ideas. Not born yet. Cancer is the mother. Something (or someone) WILL BE BORN.


Find 16 degrees Cancer in your chart. Find ANYTHING at 16 degrees in your chart (give or take a few degrees, on either side) to check whether it is aligned with any planet or angle, progressed or natal. And any alignment matters. There may not be a clear manifestation but it counts. It could be an internal change and internal changes often lead to… healing your life in actual ways so don’t discount any of it!

Tarot for the New Moon in Cancer: 

Queen of Pentacles, Strength, Ace of Pentacles: dang! I have not seen this Queen for a long time — for anyone! DO NOT GIVE UP! Two Pents and a little strength is what you need. This is practical magic here. Do the work and say a prayer. Are you worried about money? Or how to get from point A to point B? Solutions are coming. New Moons, seeds, visions, I can’t help but groove on the birth energy here in these cards but also taming what needs to be tamed – you must eat, sleep, take care of your body so you’re strong enough to get it done.

Love, MP


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