New Moon In Cancer June 27th

I don’t know what else to say. That’s what I think of when I think of Cancer and the New Moon in Cancer.
I love that song from The Wiz “Home” sung by Miss Diana Ross.

“Time be my friend. Let me start again.”

I consider this a blessed New Moon.
Supported on all sides. Yes yes yes I know some of this support is… well, let me put it this way. It takes all kinds.

Moon, the Mother, is trine Neptune, trine spirit, trine grace. She gives you everything she has. Compassion. The last bite on the plate, it’s yours.

Moon opposes Pluto: torn between running back to the womb and allowing yourself to be reborn without her. How to stand on your own two feet.

Moon squares Uranus: what are you holding onto?
Moon is trine Saturn in Scorpio: maybe you should hold onto it.

And yet we have this process to go through — we have to go through Neptune, Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn. We start with the Neptune fog and we end up with exactly what we need to build a home. Just be patient a little longer.

I think you’ll go through it all, all these moods, long as the Moon is in Cancer.
By early Sunday morning, you just KNOW.

Are you setting New Moon intentions? 

Love, MP

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