New Moon In Cancer July 18th (Part One)

"new moon in cancer"The New Moon in Cancer will be at 26 degrees.

Does this degree sound familiar to you? Got anything in your natal chart at this degree?

Check first for conjunctions. Do you have placements in Cancer? Then check the other water signs for trines. And then the earth signs. That will give you sextiles or an opposition (Capricorn).

Then check air and fire which will give you other configurations, including the inconjunct, which I consider major not minor.

My New Moon Intention

I spend a lot of time on line due to my awesome new computer which I bought a month ago or so and my New Moon Intention is to cut that time spent on line in half and spend it in prayer.

Okay, maybe not cut that time in half because I am on line throughout the day, working, but to start the day slower and to take prayer breaks.

Now, in the tradition that I grew up in, this is normal. There are morning, afternoon, and evening prayers, as well as prayers before bed. But I’m a bit of a non-traditionalist, even though I’m not 😉 but I am. LOL Cancer Stellium in the 11th House: a traditional sign in the house of the wacko. Just kidding Aquarians! You know I love you! You inspire me!

And I invite you to do the same, if you are so moved and it doesn’t matter what your religion is, your beliefs, if you have any, other than the belief or hesitant wondering that… well… let me put it this way: the purpose of prayer practice is to bring you back to yourself and to connect with the Divine, however you define it.

I know it’s not as fun as Twitter and television (or maybe it is, for some of you) but as I type this I realize that Mercury retrograde will be transiting through my 12th House so this matches up completely!

Also, Mars is in Libra: balance (Libra) your energy (Mars).

My definition of prayer: talking to God, just as meditation is listening to God and don’t get me started on my definition of God. Save that for another time 🙂

Sometimes transits, sometimes life brings so many questions that the only solution is this.

And sometimes prayer is one word: HELP.

And sometimes prayer is two words: Thank you.

And sometimes prayer is no words. Last night in my meditation class I realized this: that I pray most often with no words but I want to begin to use more words. Jupiter is in Gemini = many (Jupiter) words (Gemini).

Having a prayer practice (or meditation practice or yoga practice or daily walk through the park practice or writing practice) is one more way to adjust the energy of your daily life, one more way to lead a more magical life. Yes, magical, if you can imagine, for a moment that you aren’t alone…

Look up at the sky, at the stars: is this not your landscape? Do you not belong here? Ask for the answers your seek! That is your prayer.

Side issue: and the quieter you are able to get on the inside (less coffee helps :)) the better you will be able to communicate with and understand all manner of life, including your animals

PS News from MoonPlutoLand: That I am definitely going to begin putting together a Newsletter, similar to the one I did last year in some ways. One thing I just realized that I want to do, as I blog this morning, is write new prayers, new Psalms. It’s where affirmations COME FROM, you know? So this Newsletter won’t just be the week ahead in astrology and tarot, although it will include those things, but also have more creative writing from me, to help you on your journey for the week. Details to come slowly, slowly because I always need technical help with this stuff!

Love, MP and have a beautiful Wednesday!

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