New Moon In Cancer: CRABBY (or Good Mom/Bad Mom)

We were talking about Moon Chiron contacts in the chat room and I decided to start a separate thread about mothers in general.

It is Cancer Season after all. Cancer is THE mother. I asked them to describe their mother in 3 or 4 key phrases or keywords, whatever came to mind. These are the conversations I like to start 🙂

Loved me was the first phrase that came to mind for mine. The second was totally in denial.

My beloved Scorpio mother made some decisions in my early teen years that are/were unfixable. Things you can’t take back. My mother was so far in denial (from my point of view) that she didn’t realize/didn’t know that the decisions she made were WRONG. And when I told some of my story to my Scorpio friend a few months ago he went on to refer to her as my “piece of shit mother.” It was black and white for him.

Truth is though… I’m not a black and white thinker when it comes to love, parental or otherwise. And I’m also a Cancer. I CAN love and hate at the same time. Don’t insult my family even if what you say has a grain or more of truth. No matter what my mother did or didn’t do, I wouldn’t, didn’t, stop loving her.

I am having a moody day. Can you tell? Typical Cancer bullshit. Moon’s in Cancer. Actually NEW MOON in Cancer and Mercury is retrograde in Cancer and I’m not feeling the way I want to feel. Good thing about Cancer though is that a new MOOD is around the corner. This moment’s tzuris is five-minute-from-now’s dance party.

How would you describe your mother? 

Love, MP


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