New Moon In Aries! March 22nd

"new moon in aries"

Mars is the ruler of Aries so ponder an influx of Marsy energy in your life this New Moon in Aries *even though* Mars in Virgo is still retrograde.

Mid-April brings Mars direct so we *may* need to wait until then to take action. Or maybe not.

You can plan the action now. Dream the action now but…

Yeah. Not very Mars. Mars doesn’t wait.

With Mercury, Mars and Saturn retrograde… I feel the delays in clarity. Movement. Certainty. Speed.

And yet notice these Mars keywords: artillery, arrows, assertiveness, battles, boastfulness, combat, cuts, fury…

In your chart, your Mars shows how you get what you want, shows your courage, shows your strength.

Here’s my New Moon in Aries meditation for you:

revisit your natal Mars, its sign, house, aspects. Since Mars is in Virgo still, consider how you can improve *your* Mars. Temper trouble? How to temper it? Hiding in the bushes? How can you be more assertive?

Most of all though, for this New Moon in Aries, bring the focus back to YOU. For Aries:? Their needs come first. Remember Aries is the first sign, the baby, the ME!

My best friend has Aries Moon and Mars. His keyword is “I want what I want when I want it.” Yes, he has said these words.

Is it any wonder we didn’t get back together? Yeah, he’s got North Node in Libra too 🙂


Yes, I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Aries! Set your intentions! Please visit my friendly links on the left for more info.