New Moon In Aries And Poems From Basho

"new moon in aries"

Did you set your intentions? 

I am trying to find a spring Haiku for you, from my beloved anthology edited by Robert Hass but I keep running into “spring leaving” poems or full moon poems or winter is here poems and that will not do. I need just the right poem before I leave you for a few hours.

Ah. Here we go. This one from Basho

The spring we don’t see/on the back of a hand mirror/a plum tree in flower.

And this, also from Basho:

Spring rain/leaking through the roof/dripping from the wasps’ nest.

And I love this one:

A cold rain starting/and no hat–/so?

I am breaking up the poems this way because my wordpress gives it funny spacing when I give each line its own line. I think this works fine though and doesn’t distract. And as I search for poems I realize that any poem mentioning rain is most likely a spring poem unless another season is mentioned. And poems about blossoms too…

Sickly/but somehow the chrysanthemum/is budding.

All of these are from Basho. Here is one more:

Spring!/a nameless hill/in the haze.

Wait wait! This one too:

Another year gone–/hat in my hand/sandals on my feet.

Do you read or write poetry? Does your chart show that you’re a writer?


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