New Moon in Aquarius & What To Do About All That Mars

"moon conjunct pluto"It’s true I haven’t blogged in a while (Hi D!).

Everything is fine — just been busy with clients and the new class and I’ve been sick off and on with this cold that I just can’t seem to shake. One day okay, one day sick and around it goes.

Today I feel pretty good, back to work, but yesterday I slept almost the entire day and night (so it seemed) and I probably won’t exercise although I went for a walk to the Amish store where I had an amazing sandwich and macaroni salad and you don’t really want to know this do you? Do you? New Moon in my house of routines, the Virgo House (in a natural chart).

My New Moon in Aquarius INTENTION (in my 6th, square my Saturn and actually creating a Grand Cross in my chart!) is to SLEEP  more. Not just rest but deep deep sleep. The 6th is a HEALTH HOUSE.

Let’s talk a bit about this New Moon shall we? The New Moon was this morning but I don’t consider it too late to set intentions or make amends or promise to… what? Or hope to… what? Invent what????

The New Moon did sextile (transiting) Uranus which could explain my remerging (somewhat) snappy energy but Moon square Saturn is never ever fun. In fact it’s the clearcut definition of unfriendly. Isolation. But it’s just one day. And it’s a good day so far.

How are you? Did you wish upon a star?

A thought or two from the current class — which you can still join if you like. Message me for details. We are all about Mars & Venus this time around, including discussion of the long Mars in Scorpio transit (and I also want to talk a bit about the Eclipses if time permits) — pitfalls and gifts of all our Venuses and Marses (however you spell that).

A question I posed to the group this morning: how will we survive it? What strategies do we have? I mean, this Scorpio Mars thing is many months in ONE HOUSE (I use Whole Sign house system mostly) so that’s BIG ENERGY and big Scorpio energy there. So we have to talk: what is Mars. What is Scorpio. And we are. And some people it will trine and some it will square etc etc… I think as the weeks pass we’ll accumulate a very interesting list of how to cope with Mars all cooped up in there and how we made it through. Oh Lord this will be easier than that Mars in Libra jazz a couple years ago.

I suggest you ponder this as well. What will Mars DO to you, in that damn Scorpio House for so long?


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