New Moon In Aquarius & A Little Poem For Tuesday

Going through the old poems, ones that I haven’t even posted here… I can see clearly how many of the poems fail.

They have beginnings or ends but are not fully realized. Something is missing. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

And the work did change over the years. And of course moving from the short form (the poem) to the long form (the play) switched things up hugely.

But this is my message for you today: failure can be glory. Am I weird? Maybe 🙂

About the New Moon in Aquarius on the 10th at 21 degrees… I’m looking at it purely, in a vacuum. Maybe I’ve got my almost Pisces Season Neptune blinders on but go back to basics. Pay attention. Where is 21 degrees Aquarius in your chart? What house? What does it aspect? Look THERE. That’s your story.

And if you feel like you’ve failed, once you locate that chart point you can see/feel something brand new. I don’t know why I feel so intensely about this New Moon or why I am ignoring the other sky factors, but… so be it 🙂

Build an altar to your failure. That’s what my posting these poems here is… LOOK AT ME I am saying. Look here. Touch here. Feel here. There is beauty, there is… hope in… what didn’t happen the way you envisioned.

Rex Bills and some of his mighty key words for Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler:

Astrologers, acceleration, agitation, the avant garde, the bizarre, sudden changes, clairvoyance, curiosity, DESERTION OF ONE’S FAITH, detours, discovery, eccentricity, exploration, the extraordinary, faith healers, fluctuation, flashlights, changes of fortune, frequency, free will, freedom, freaks, the grotesque, highways, hippies, being impulsive, independence, intuition, intellect, lawlessness, liberation, LIGHT, locomotion, magic and magicians, brotherly love, migration, metaphysics, magnets and magnetism, MIRACLES, nervousness, occultism, outlaws, panic, passengers, pituitary gland, rays, rebellions, reflexes, rejection, runaways, self-sufficency, speed, shocks, telepathy, tempests, voltage, VORTEXES, vibrations, uprooting, uprising, wilderness, will, strong wind, one’s wishes…

(Saturn rules failure, by the way. Saturn co-rules Aquarius).

What do you feel when you read that list? What could a New Moon in Aquarius mean for you? If you aren’t sure, do what I like to do:  pull a card!

Two of Cups. Time for you to meet your other half. Is it God? Yourself? Your art. Your partner-lover? Your family? Your home? Your art. Your purpose? Your meaning? Your life. It is more than time. Time for a beginning. Beginning of something good. Find 21 degrees Aquarius in your chart.


Here is a funny little old poem from the archives


Chinese Restaurants


Lena was a dancer in Mongolia before she married John

and bought this roach-infested place I worked at for a week.

I stunk when I got home. The kitchen was dark and loud and lousy.

I’d deep-fry crabmeat Rangoon in the glossy grease,

the sun bruised us all that summer.


J.’s House of Hunan Knife and Fork:

Buddha underneath the register in a glass case,

crowd of dishes with illustrated blossoms.

Used to go there for breakfast with my best friend at the time,

she liked breakfast for dinner, eggs sunny-side,

those big clean eyes looking up at us.

The wind made us bleak that winter. We dressed in black.


Imperial Boat, China Garden, Yen Ching,

Canton, Easy Place, Cozy House, Ko’s Kitchen,

and although you were born in Vietnam,

and speak a flawless Spanish, mediocre English,

I call you Little Egg Foo Young.


Take off your glasses.

Take off your garlic and ginger.

Take off your pants

And your very straight hair,

Your smell of being conquered,

Your smell of being conquered.

Hot and sour mouth.

You peanut.

You bamboo shoot.


I have watched you make a perfect omelet,

put it between bread

and call it “tortilla.”

I have watched you with a loaf of bread

on a torn open brown paper bag,

saying, “In Spain, bread is bread.”

Most of all though you love the olive and the lemon,

the little shrimp in the pan,

curled up, asleep.

I am the dog, I say, in the Chinese horoscope,

loyal and courageous against the new spring flowers.


The sleek handsome waiters in their white nighttime shirts

and perfect black-sun hair.

Even as a child, I was doused in it. Lust.

And still I go to Chinese restaurants to look for them.

To desire is travel.


O red plastic tablecloth, red table,

O sleek teapot, tea-ocean of many,

O Chinese renditions of Neil Diamond, Leonard Cohen,

Red world of my heart!


Stuff going on! Astrology & Tarot Readings.  February Specials.  AND I am planning to do another Meditation Mini-Class at the end of this month.

This class will likely be one week, $25, and focusing again on a basic foundational sitting practice but this time we will also focus on Chakra soothing/clearing. This is not a “webinar.”  It is a loosely structured daily discussion-based drop-in class although I may post some videos this time. Lurkers and active participants are welcome. 

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