New Moon In Aquarius, January 30th

The New Moon is at 10 degrees (almost 11 degrees) Aquarius, the sign of DIY revolt and rebellion and my Aquarius New Moon message is this: do not compare. Do not compare yourself to ANYONE. Your life, your life path is UNIQUE, uniquely yours. You have to be YOU — no one else.

See, I got caught up in this trap last night. I usually don’t feel jealousy, envy. It’s not one of my keynote emotions. I have three planets in the 11th House. I’m usually just busy busy buzz buzz buzz doing MY thing. And there I was… staring something in the face which made me wonder: am I doing it right? Am I doing it wrong? Am I doing it ALL wrong? Shouldn’t I be… THAT instead of THIS? I had my husband pull two Tarot cards for me.

But the answer is NO. You must be you. You can only be you. And if you see something you like or want then sure — consider how you can make it happen but… it *may* not be FOR YOU.

It was painful to feel this feeling but there it was. So I let it be.

The New Moon is sextile Uranus (thus increasing the Aquarian ideal and current) and makes a Yod with Jupiter and Pallas.

Think of Jupiter and Pallas as your support group here, cheerleaders:  frank optimism and creative strategy/problem solving from the Goddess of Wisdom.

Aquarius is the apex arrowhead of the Yod thus all roads point THERE, to your Aquarius house i.e. where you should be focusing. The release point. The portal. The YES. And you need all your body here – Jupiter laughing belly. Pallas sizing-you-up forehead and eyes of gaze. And then those dancing Aquarius ankles 🙂 they are like kitty cat ankles. Always dancing 🙂

Do not betray yourself: you can only be you, not the other one over there who you *think* has more or better than you. You are fine as you are — AND you are on your way. Both at the same time. Perfect as you are with your own special, specific life assignments to come 🙂

Love, MP


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