New Moon In Aquarius: INSANE?

From my Facebook page:

It would not surprise me if you told me you were feeling insane — crazy good or crazy bad or just at a loss.

New Moon in Aquarius on Thursday, the sign of the ALIEN. 

Shock of the new.

But it could be good, very good.

Find 11 degrees Aquarius in your chart.

When in doubt, call upon Athena. New Moon makes a Yod (a baby) with Daddy Jupiter and Athena, Goddess of Wisdom:


And then on FRIDAY:

Jupiter (always of good cheer!) quarrels with (passionate intense) Pluto and this aspect will be exact:

Pluto + FAITH (Jupiter) = unstoppable, so use your powers for creating PARADIGM SHIFT IN YOUR LIFE, new perception, revelation. BREAK THROUGH. Judgement card from the Tarot. CROSSROADS. THIS FRIDAY IS YOUR CROSSROADS!

Mercury enters Pisces – to swim until the 6th and then Mercury goes retrograde and back into Aquarius–

Venus goes direct at 13 degrees Capricorn– what did you LEARN?

It’s a lot of energy for ONE body to handle so I will draw a card for ADVICE:

8 of Wands. I know you see it. I know you know it’s coming. Those aren’t birds outside the window, flying. That’s you, on your way. But what you have to do is put it together. Some organization is needed first. Pick up your sticks first. Nothing will change if you just sit there, looking out the window. And the messages appear to be in a language you do not understand but that’s only the confusion of your mind. There is order in the world.

I love this card because it reminds me of a keyhole and the Wands look like they are dancing and the figure is receiving… something, some message, but WHAT?

Love, MP


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