New Moon In Aquarius, February 10th 2013

Feeling like everything is changing, shifting. 2013 a turning point year for many. Life can’t continue as it has been. Even if the manifestation isn’t in 2013, it’s not a year of stagnation.

Some of us know what it’s about for us personally although we can’t see the finish line. There’s a haze. Or we… just don’t want to see. It would be like seeing the face of God. A little on the overwhelming side 🙂

Is this a remnant of 2012 stuff? Big vibrational shift? I feel it in my life and the challenge is that… we still have our messy, dirty lives, neuroses, bodies to deal with. Aging. Fears. Ambitions. Gosh, it all sounds very Venus Saturn doesn’t it? Venus Saturn: the test of love, real love. We under the applying Venus Saturn square as I type this.

And it’s as though our messy, dirty lives, neuroses, bodies, fears, ambitions are… getting out of hand, getting messier and dirtier because the vibration is getting higher but we’re still DOWN HERE. We are TRYING to ascend and our wings are… young.

A New Moon in Aquarius is a cold moon. It is winter after all in the Big City 🙂

It’s a t-square actually because the Nodal axis is being squared by the Sun and Moon in Aquarius. So we’ve got this… painful stuck feeling, you, up on the cross, pulled but powerless. And yet a New Moon is about something NEW entering your life. Can you allow it happen and stop filibustering for once?

Your Leo House is the empty leg of this t-square. Pay attention to that house most of all. I think it holds the most important piece of the story for you, as well as your blind spot!

Vesta and Ceres trine this New Moon. Ceres is close in degree, Vesta is wider, but I am considering both of them, both in Gemini.

Vesta is what you commit to (among other things) and Ceres is an energy of mourning but also Goddess of Agriculture so… there is a loss to come to terms with, but it does not undo the trine, it does not undo the harvest to come.

I believe wholeheartedly in setting intentions for New Moons, Full Moons, any old time 🙂 Thoughts are things, said Edgar Cayce. Mind is the builder.


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