New Moon In Aquarius: Cards for Puttycake, A, and Mystery Guest

One thing led to another and I didn’t do the Full Moon in Leo card draws in time for the Full Moon.

What I’m going to do instead is consider the next New Moon which will be in Aquarius and thus my intention when pulling the cards.

The first card is for Puttycake. The second card is for A, and I still can’t find the post so I’m missing one person! I may draw that card though… knowing that it’s for them.

This is only the 2nd time I’ve done such a “raffle.” I want to do more but just know… I may be late! Deal?

And what I’m keeping in mind is something new: new start for you, a seed…


I’m actually going to draw for A. first because I’m feeling that person’s energy the strongest. And what I see/feel here is what I like to call the Wounded Warrior card. That you will live to fight another day. That you are strong. Strong and tired but still standing. And along with this is… me wondering whether you are fighting battles you don’t need to. Whose battles are they? Maybe they are yours but old old old ones. Scattering your energy and not in small ways but… major ways. Like… if you were trying to take a phone call and move furniture at the same time and you don’t have a hands-free device 🙂 So you’re huffing and puffing over there and trying to talk over here and you get it done. You get BOTH done and then you’re all… what’s next? Whose next? I’m ready! It takes a lot for you to collapse in a heap.

The New Moon in Aquarius wants you to (drawing another card here..): CHANGE. Change or die (a little more each day). Not in itty bitty ways but in big ways, what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. That’s what is NEW for you. That’s what is being offered here. Because how you’re living is…wearing you down. Is it work related? Maybe. But I think it’s overall actually. Maybe it’s a Saturn return matter or a Pluto transit matter. Whatever it is, it’s here. Here to change your life.


Now Puttycake has something she needs to commit to and she isn’t sure yet. But the commitment energy is in her energy.

I’m not saying she’s hemming and hawing. I don’t think she is. But there is some fear here around it still. She wonders: is it worth it? It’s like… one foot in the door or one foot in the pool but… truth is… yeah the truth is that you already have committed. You are THERE. But there’s a little piece of you that still questions whether your stubbornness is a good thing or just pig-headedness. This card tells me it’s a good thing.

And the second card tells me that when you feel stagnant about this goal, this dream, this commitment, that you need to… push. The New Moon in Aquarius is asking you to push, go faster, and in a different way than before, creatively. But something here is telling you to… speed up. Commitment to a long-term plan does not have to mean stagnation. There are various parts to this project. What can you jostle so that it feels alive again to you?


Turns out that A. found the blog post that I couldn’t find but I have decided NOT to look at it 🙂 and leave the Mystery Guest a mystery for the moment… and draw the cards….

New Moon in Aquarius wants you to: dang girl! (or guy). However you have been feeling? It is time to put THE hope back. A very clear message here. Depression, fear, anxiety, stuck in past? Trauma? Leave it all and maybe you did leave it all or thought about leaving it all (or some) for the Full Moon in Leo so now you must replace it with “without a doubt” thinking and “without a doubt” doing. It can be as small as the eye of a needle but do it. Cultivate its sweetness.

And this card also tells me that this isn’t blind hope but that you have reason to be hopeful. Going to draw one more: the fear of moving into hope is so… it’s like you can’t imagine it. I’m sorry about this. But whatever you have to face this month, please know that… this bottoming out IS the bottom and from here you rise. Whatever you are facing… face it with what I call the IWF (impenetrable wall of faith) which is more than faith even. It is knowing. It is the difference between faith (hope) and belief (knowing). I’m splitting hairs here because… I just want you to be as sure as I am.

The first three people who comment here (except for the ones who won the 1st/2nd raffles) will also get one card for the New Moon in Aquarius! As for when? Hopefully before the New Moon 🙂


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