New Moon Eclipse In Taurus!

::get in touch with your inner goddess::
::get in touch with your inner goddess::

Truth is I think a New Moon Eclipse in Taurus (happening Monday/Tuesday) COULD VERY WELL BE a New Moon, New Start, in LOVE for you.
Venus rules Taurus and Venus is love, grace, attraction, relationships, beauty…

HOWEVER, this may not be the moon June spoon love 🙂 it may be doing something that you love.

Hell, you may even love doing the laundry and Sunday could be full of that 🙂 but seriously…

Eclipses aren’t about ONE DAY.
In fact I’m pretty sure you’ve already been feeling this one. That the previous Eclipse, in Aries, and the upcoming one, in Taurus, have been unfolding all month long and  actually for months now because this is your life, my friends. This is your life. Your life holds patterns. Patterns you can track and trace.

First things first. Check the HOUSE.
Find 8/9 degrees Taurus in your chart. That is the location, the focus. The FO-CATION 🙂 That is the part of your life that is READY TO GROW, long overdue. This baby wants OUT.

Do you have any planets at 8/9 Taurus? Or even a couple degrees below or above that?

Then I want you to jump across and look for oppositions. Anything in Scorpio around there? In your natal? What will the opposition show? The hesitation. The way you’ve always done it. OR the resource/talent that has been WAITING to be jostled into action.

Then I want you to look for squares. Then trines. Then sextiles. Go all around the chart. Don’t forget to check your angles. Don’t forget to check your progressed chart. The squares show blockage and ambition. The trines and sextiles are your helpful angels.

Don’t forget that your chart is telling a story. It’s a story with sections left out. With a paragraph missing. With sentences that trail off. It’s a story where part of it is told in another language and it’s an ancient language and a disappeared country but, seriously, isn’t this what you’ve been waiting for? Planning for? Manifesting? Scrawling on your dry-erase board for?

The Moon will be conjunct Mercury (and the Sun of course). A New Moon then in communications? In speaking your mind? In getting your message across STUBBORNLY and not backing down! There’s also a sextile to Neptune and I do count the trine to Pluto (and the rest of the Cardinal Cross although not as close in degree) but think of this Eclipse as breaking through all that, breaking through the fragile hopes and stalled activity.

I used to think we needed Mars direct (which will happen late May) for life to get moving again but noooooooooooooooo this Ecilpse is a super power positive one. We don’t need to wait anymore. Mars direct will only increase it and that will be exciting too 🙂

I hope you will update me in the comments, to prove me right 🙂

Love, MP

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