New Moon (Eclipse) In Taurus: Until Failure

I’m in the middle of a Facebook conversation with my buddy Anita about exercise and crying πŸ™‚

This topic came up because she’s a dancer (among other cool things) and I’m on a crusade to prevent diabetes, and somehow we got to talking about fitness and health one day. I have a Virgo Moon (and other Virgo placements). Health is one of my topics.

This morning I mentioned how sometimes my work-outs make me cry. I don’t mean from beginning to end, but sometimes, at some point, I reach my limit (or not even a limit – wasn’t sure how to explain it) and… something happens. I have no set noun or verb or adjective yet for what it is. But I have a theory.

Right away she said this was something that dancers seek out! This type of experience. And I made a promise to myself that the next time it happened, I would slow down, go deeper, and investigate.

What I know now is that it’s about the chakras centers opening. Β And even if you don’t believe in the chakra system perhaps you believe in memory or experience getting stored in the body. And once you start moving the body, many many parts of the body, in new ways… things happen.

And yes it is about stored pain, wounds, trauma, from this lifetime, from previous lifetimes, from the shut down places in our bodies that are finally starting to move again. Open up again. Here’s an indelicate analogy. Like plugging in a fan. It’s dusty, rusty, been in the closet all winter. Come spring, getting warmer, you take it out, you plug it in. It’s spinning. Breathing. Pulsating. Alive.

I am working with my root and sacral chakras these days and no surprise when I was cooling down after my work-out and was it a bridge pose (or was it a table? Maybe it’s a variation of a table) made me feel… I don’t know how to explain it. It’s not joy. It’s not exactly sorrow. I guess it’s release. Letting go. Letting the fear and the horror go. Letting it go.


There’s this phrase that personal trainers use. “Until failure.” Work a muscle until failure. Until you can’t anymore.

Taurus is an earth sign, a physical sign, a sign of the senses. Now is a good time to notice your Taurus body: what does it look like, how do you take care of it, how do you feel inside of it. What do you understand about your surroundings, your things, what you own, your fear of lack, your money, what you refuse to share, the ways in which you’ve become so solid, so fixed in your ways that… you’re frozen now.

What does your body crave? What does your body say? What does your body need? And what needs to change?

Those are my eclipse questions for you πŸ™‚

Love, MP


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