New Love, New Money, New Moon In Taurus April 21st

"new moon in taurus"

The next New Moon is at ONE degree Taurus, that’s right, ONE degree!

Grab your coffee and your croissant and your chart and find early Taurus. Find late Aries too.

What does your chart have to say about this degree of Something New? 

(Tangent: I can’t believe it’s almost late April already!)

New Moons are times for setting intentions.

What do you want to grow in your Taurus house?

The New Moon is the dark time. We do what we do in mystery, secrecy. We plant the thought, idea, seed, light. We ponder, dream, meditate, wonder, hope.

Look for major aspects. Look for major themes. Look for squares, oppositions, conjunctions. Look for sextiles and trines. Look for inconjuncts too. (And I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Taurus so you can ask me too.)

In my chart, the New Moon is close to the edge. Using Placidus, my 9th House cusp is 2 degrees so both houses matter here and the New Moon is conjunct my Hera, the faithful wife. She trines my South Node, sextiles my North Node, inconjuncts my Uranus…

With my South Node involved, feels like business from the past. And that the old business (South Node) will become, somehow, new business, New Moon. It doesn’t feel like lessons learned to me. It feels like new lessons about old stuff.

And, yes, with Uranus involved, nothing is certain.

And if I include late degrees of Aries, my Venus and Jupiter get pulled in too. Is this a Love Story? Could be 😉

Sky-wise, the New Moon will trine Mars in Virgo, sextile Neptune (and Chiron, wider orb), trine Pluto (also using a wider orb).  Grand Trine in earth if you aren’t shy to use orbs like me 🙂

My summary? this New Moon in Taurus is strong as an ox! so again I advise you to look at your chart and discover the energy that you see, especially the houses because I’m telling ya… the transiting planets are truly telling my story now and no doubt they are telling yours.

Well? Got New Moon musings? 


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