NEW CLASS: Mars In Libra And The Grand Cross of 2014

I’m going to be doing a two-week class starting October 14th.

(Will extend a few days if need be. May take the weekends off.)

Those of you who have taken my classes before know that it’s a combination of discussion/conversation and chart-work. Those of you who have taken my classes before also know they are pretty intense. I swim in the deep end.

If you’ve never done a class with me, email me for details. I’ll explain to you how it works!

TOPIC: How Mars in Libra and the Grand Cross (during the 1st half of 2014) will affect you!  

Mars is your ENERGY. You will want to use it wisely! (Is Mars wise? Now that’s an interesting question! I believe our bodies are wise. You will want to use your body wisely during this transit, but I digress…)

I don’t believe you will fall apart but I’m sensing provocation, not only in your relationships (Mars in LIBRA) but in your cardinal houses overall. It’s a continuation of your Uranus Pluto story, an amplification, but not a desecration. You do want to WIN, don’t you? My class will help you 🙂 

We’ll be discussing:

*the nature and meaning of MARS

*the nature and meaning of Mars in Libra

*Mars in Libra by transit (direct and retrograde) in your charts

*the Cardinal Cross overall for you (Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto): where to focus, where to not waste your time

*strategies for alleviating that crucified feeling

We will also review Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in general: what the hell these planetary energies mean in practical terms and how you can best work with them and is it possible to work with them! ? ! We do what we can, even if what we can is surrender. Or Xanax 😉

BONUS: I’ll also be pulling Tarot cards for participants during the chart-work. 

Got questions? Send me a message! 

$100 by PayPal

Love, MP

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