NEW CLASS IN AUGUST: Asteroid Goddesses

First, a tangent:

It has come to my attention that I work a lot!

Funny. I definitely grew into this, although I always worked hard at my creative writing but not work-work until I had my own biz.

And I guess one person’s overwork is another one’s “doing a good job” or “showing up.”

Or maybe I’m just not happy until I feel the pain 😉 The pain of hard-won insight and self-discovery. A masochist for learning! Hmm. Sounds like a another class 😉

I put my Moon Pluto intensity into everything I do.


This blog post is to announce the next class I’ll be doing – THE GODDESS ASTEROIDS.

It will be a mini-course. One week. Starting either the 1st weekend in August or the 1st week in August.

$75 through PayPal and this IS a sure thing so you can register and claim your spot anytime.

I’ve got Saturn in my 9th House in my natal and the 9th is the teacher and Saturn is the teacher and yeah well you get the picture. Even though I never wanted to teach my mother always told me I “should” so that I had “something to fall back on.” I would roll my eyes. But teaching on-line is something I do love.

Now, one week means 5 days of intensity (this is starting to sound like a circuit training workout ;)) and then two days (“weekend” but whenever it falls) to review. I love it when people talk to each other and share, but I try to stay systematic with my own material and to bring you the goods. In other words, bringing you framework, structure, information, and, hopefully, poetic insight. And you bring YOU.

Like all my classes at this time, it will be on Facebook and is a drop-in, discussion based class, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what your schedule is.

We’ll be visiting Ceres, Juno, Pallas, and Vesta and since we are coming off the Venus class, she’ll probably make an appearance too (to compare). Damn this is gonna be a good one. I can feel it.

If you are a fan of the work that Matthew and I do together, fear not. We already have plans for another 2-week course so stay tuned!

Love, MP